A Snake takes 5000 mile trip wrapped around a pineapple

I’m not a fan of pineapples. You can imagine how I would feel if I was served a pizza with pineapple slices on it. Nastey. Now let’s infuse this with something else I despise… snakes.

A woman discovered a snake coiled around a pineapple in her groceries. The couple (the snake & pineapple) had traveled over 5000 miles from Costa Rica to end up in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Animal service was called to take care of the snake that they named Ricky. There is no word yet of the fate of Spongebob’s home.

Chris Foote of STV News


A snake has been found clinging to a pineapple bought at a supermarket in Edinburgh.

The reptile had wrapped itself around around the crown of the fruit during its 5300-mile journey from Costa Rica.

The snake was discovered after the pineapple was bought from Aldi on Gilmerton Road on Tuesday.

The buyer alerted the Scottish SPCA, who took him into their care and named him Ricky.

They have been unable to identify Ricky’s species but he is only a few inches long.

Animal rescue officer Catherine Atterton said, “It’s not every day that we get called out to attend to snakes found in peculiar places.

“I know not long ago there was a wee lizard found on a head of broccoli so I was quite excited to see what had stowed away on this pineapple.


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