Amazing colorized photos of Pacific War

My jaw hit the floor when I saw these.  These are brutal to look at.


The brutal conditions faced by US soldiers fighting in the Pacific during World War Two has been brought to life in color.

The fascinating images show men being stretchered away to hospital, captured Japanese prisoners of war crammed onto a boat and men fighting at Okinawa.

One picture shows a group of soldiers on the shores of Tarawa, whilst another shows the deceased being taken away covered by the American flag.

The images were brought to life by 54-year-old electrician Royston Leonard from Cardiff, Wales.

He said: ‘The Japanese code was to not surrender and to fight to the death which was their way to die in battle with honor, almost no prisoners were taken unless they were badly injured and could no longer fight.

‘I’ve seen a lot of photos of the European war in color but almost nothing from the Pacific War. The Japanese held every inch of every island they were on and the American soldiers had to fight for every inch that was taken as nothing was given for free.

The unexpected Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 signalled the start of the Pacific War and the USA’s involvement in World War Two. There were around 36 million casualties during the Pacific War.

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