Hilariously inappropriate… hilarious none the less.

by Jessie Dean Altman at


Restaurant Apologizes For Thinking A ‘Pill Cosby’ Cocktail Was A Good Idea. | Someecards Food & Drink
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Diet Starts Monday, a bar and restaurant in Washington, D.C., recently introduced and then pulled an ill-conceived Bill Cosby-inspired cocktail from their menu. According to The Washingtonian, the tequila-based drink, called the Pill Cosby, was even garnished with fake capsules. You might wonder what on Earth would ever make the restaurant owners think a drink named after a man accused of drugging and sexually assaulting 60 women (according to the Washington Post) would be a good idea. I have no answer. SMDH.

The co-founder of the bar, Davin Gentry, told The Washingtonian on Monday that the drink was meant to be some sort of statement on rape culture, saying, “It lets people be a little more aware.” Oh, please.

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