When I read this the first thing that came to me was that it sounded like a bad plot to a porno murder mystery. Then I had to google to see if that was even a real thing in the pornosphere. It was and no, I will not provide a link for that.

The more you read about this the more you wish you hadn’t.  You have been warned.

By Michael Havis of The Daily Star

Richard Patterson, 65, was acquitted of second-degree murder over the death of Francisca Marquinez.


His defence was that Marquinez, 60, had choked to death on his genitals because of their size, according to reports.

And he was so keen to prove the point that his lawyer, Ken Padowitz, asked that the jury be allowed to see Patterson’s penis.

Reports show there was even an argument in court about whether the defendant should be erect for his display to the jury. According to Local 10, a Florida affiliate of the broadcaster ABC, Patterson was not required to show his penis. And by the time of the trial concluded, they’d abandoned the defence, the Sun Sentinel newspaper reports.
“That’s not the way she died,” Padowitz said. “But that’s the way Mr Patterson thought she died.”
He argued instead that a heart attack or stroke, unnoticed by Patterson, might be to blame.
And he noted that the prosecution’s medical expert had agreed with his own that strangling was unlikely.Prosecutor Peter Sapak relied on testimony from Patterson’s ex-girlfriend and text messages sent to his daughter.The ex-girlfriend, Holly Graff, testified that Patterson admitted to choking Marquinez, but couldn’t recall how he’d phrased it.

While the texts to his daughter allegedly showed Patterson confessing he “did something terrible” and was “really sorry”.On top of that, Sapak said, Patterson did not call police or paramedics, instead calling Padowitz by way of Graff.The jury deliberated for a few hours yesterday afternoon before reaching a “not guilty” verdict.

Patterson, from the US city of Margate, Florida, hugged Padowitz after the verdict.

More about this story at the


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